Recent Projects

Maasai Honey in Tanzania

A grant award received by the Greenwich World Hunger Association was utilized to construct a “Stingless Bee Cage” – a housing structure for hives of stingless Melipona bees. The structure helps to keeps the hives safe, while also allowing bees to fly freely. 

To learn more about this exciting project, click here to download the report or visit the Maasai Honey Website.

Vamos Adelante

The GWHA students who had and have a scholarship through Vamos Adelante are fully aware that education is the way out of poverty.  Most of students who completed 9th grade or continued even further in their scholastic path now have a much better income and job opportunities compared to their fellow school friends who only completed 6th grade. Thanks to the scholarships, many students who would otherwise drop out due to difficult financial circumstances were able to go back or continue their education.  

Read the full report>>

School Gardens in Haiti

GWHA distributed the gift of $5000 to support gardens at two schools in southern Haiti. The gardens not only provide nutritious fruits and vegetables for students but also operate as a platform for the community to learn propagation techniques to grow crops faster.  Read more in our Fall 2019 newsletter>>


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