The mission of Greenwich World Hunger Association (GWHA) is: “To help alleviate world hunger through education of the community and promotion of self-help programs for the hungry.” GWHA helps impoverished communities establish projects which will become sustainable and will increase family income and/or food supplies. GWHA also supports educational programs, job training facilities, and scholarships. The basic mission is investment in income- or food-producing projects, with some support given to programs to help a community’s well-being, such as water and nutritional improvements. Grants are typically in the $2,000-5,000 range.

Application Process

GWHA awards grants twice a year, in October and March. Proposals are due no later than January 31 for a February/March award and June 30 for a July/August award. Proposals should describe your organization and the proposed project designed to increase family income and/or food supplies. The proposal must include the following information:

A. Cover Sheet and Program Summary Page. This page should include a brief, one-paragraph executive summary of the program or project and the following information:

1. Organization’s name, mailing and e-mail addresses, phone & fax numbers, website

2. Contact person

3. Amount of funding requested

B. Project Description. This section should briefly provide the following information about the project:

Project purpose and scope (i.e., number of people served).
Location, demographics, political situation
§ Time period

Project budget
Personnel involved
§ Results expected

§ Whether this is an ongoing project or a new initiative.

§ How the continuation of this project will be funded, if applicable

C. Organization Description. Please provide a brief description of your organization, including background, length of time in existence and current and past funding sources, your Board of Directors or Advisors, and present collaborators.

D. Supporting Documentation. If applicable, please provide:

§ Copies of current brochures, newsletters

§ A copy of your current budget

§ Proof of tax-exempt status in your country, if applicable

§ Copies of recent financial statements and/or 990s.

E. Previous GWHA Recipients: Please include a brief summary of how you have utilized previous donations from GWHA and successes you have had from such program/project.

F. Future Reporting Requirements. If your organization receives a grant award, you will be expected to file semi-annual reports accounting for the use of the funds and the status of the project. Your first report will be due six months after the date of the award. No future requests for funding will be considered until this reporting requirement has been fulfilled.

Proposals should be mailed to the following address:

Greenwich World Hunger Association
P.O. Box 7444
Greenwich, CT 06836-7444


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